In addition to our national agreements, we also have a number of local agreements are available to hire ACTRA Newfoundland and Labrador Members. If you have any questions or require further information, please send us an E-mail. local agreements

Member-Initiated Production (MIP)
The MIP is designed to stimulate the desire of ACTRA members to come together and create original works of art without having the financial resources to pay established daily fees to performers. It is also intended to encourage ACTRA members to advance their skills as actors and allow them to develop their skills in other key creative areas.

Under this Program, the role of the ‘producer’ is played by the partnership that is created by the members who come together. ACTRA’s role – through ACTRA PRS – is to represent performers’ interests in the commercial exploitation of the project in the marketplace.

Download the ACTRA NL MIP Form

ACTRA Indie Production (AIP)
The AIP Program was designed to facilitate non-commercial, low-budget productions (under C$250,000) as set out in the AIP Guidelines.

Download the ACTRA NL AIP Form

NLFDC / CBC Digital Production Fund
Launched in 2019, this new micro-budget production fund was created to support the creation of video content from Newfoundland and Labrador producers and creators to be showcased in connection with CBC’s digital platforms.

Download the NLFDC / CBC Digital Production Fund Form